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Don’t let divorce make back-to-school stressful

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2022 | Divorce

You might be one of many Kansas parents whose family dynamic is changing this summer. Determining that your marriage is no longer sustainable, it undoubtedly has implications in the lives of each and every family member, especially your children. With back-to-school times right around the corner, you’ll want to do your best to develop co-parenting strategies that help you avoid child custody stress as your kids head out the door for a new school year.  

Helping your children cope with divorce and adapt to a lifestyle includes making their first school year after divorce as least stressful as possible. If you and your ex are willing to work as a team, you may be able to avoid contention and numerous complications that can arise in situations where one parent is pitted against the other.  

Create an effective system for exchanging information 

While you may not want be involved in a personal relationship with your former spouse, the two of you will always have to communicate with each other regarding your children, especially for issues that pertain to their education. If this is your first back-to-school time since your divorce, it’s helpful to develop a system right from the start.  

For instance, do you and your ex prefer to text each other or correspond through email or in person? The means of communication you choose isn’t as important as choosing whatever way works best for both of you and enables you to easily exchange information about your children’s school issues.  

Make decisions regarding special events 

Throughout the school year, your children may have occasion for inviting their parents to their classroom or a stage show or sporting event. If you and your ex get along well, you might choose to attend such events at the same time. On other hand, it is also perfectly acceptable to create a schedule where you alternate turns attending school events.  

Keep your children’s teachers, coaches and counselors informed 

It’s not uncommon for children to tell their friends when their parents have filed for divorce. In some cases, other kids might ask your children about your divorce, but, perhaps, not all of your children will be comfortable talking about it. Letting your children’s teachers or coaches or guidance counselors know ahead of time that some changes have taken place in your home over the summer is a good idea.  

These adults can be on hand to assist your children and to let you know if a particular child appears to be experiencing problems at school, which may be related to his or her ability to cope with your divorce.  

If child custody issues arise at home 

You and your ex might not always agree regarding school-related issues after your divorce. If a co-parenting problem arises, such as your ex is disregarding a child custody order or is denying you access to your kids, etc., you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out for additional support if you don’t feel equipped to handle the matter on your own.